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LED Safety Vest, a enssential for Runner in the Night


LED Safety vest - a essential for runner in the night

Nowadays, with the improvement of moden life quality for people, the awareness of health has become more and more important.people are busy with work during the day, they can only choose to exercise at night. Running at night, it became a popular sport for the public. However, there are no specific places where night runners can run. Many people choose to run on the road. At this time, security problems will follow. There are full of dangers on the road,how to avoid these problems, how to protect their own safety, obviously we need a LED reflective safety vest.

The led reflective Safety vest made of light weight mesh fabric or knitting fluorescent fabric, prominent led lights built in, with many led lights colors such Red lights,

White lights,Blue lights,Green lights,Amber lights etc. They are easy to be attracted attention from pedestrians and vehicles,which will totally keep you far from dangers

 in the dark condition.

Front 8 White LED lights

Back 8 Red lights

Powered by 3x AA battery, or USB Rechargeable lithium battery.