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LED Light intergrated Safety Vest

2019-07-30 Author:SunJoy
The multi-purpose reflective safety vest intergrated with LED lights, so many led light colors for selection. It has outstanding advantages such as high brightness, energy saving, and waterproofness. 16 brgiht LED lights are installed on the front and back of the vest. According to the needs of different duties, a variety of contents can be designed to remind the flashing mode. At the same time, there are lighting functions. At present, the multi-functional LED reflective vest has been promoted in the traffic police team.

Before that, in order to ensure personal safety during the process of commanding and law enforcement, the traffic police would wear a vest with reflective material outside the work clothing. When the car light shines on it, it will reflect light. However, due to the increased haze, rain, fog, and other inclement weather, the light source is insufficient at night, the reflective film is passively reflected, the reflection angle is too small, the reflected light effect is poor, and the human eye is less sensitive to the fixed reflective light source. And the original reflective vest can no longer meet the safety warning needs of modern urban traffic management.

Existing LED flash technology has matured. As long as the LED is used in reflective vests, such a LED flashing safety vest will have an unexpected effect.